We are now pleased to announce the provisional list of race meetings for 2018.
The overall Earlystocks championship will consist of the highest scoring 12 out of the 16 available rounds. I.e. the results of Four rounds can be dropped. Each day’s meeting is counted as a separate round.
The meeting of Sun 26th Aug is a non overall Earlystocks championship round however this meeting will still count towards the EMRA Earlystocks Championship.

Sun 11th March …………. Mallory…………EMRA
Sun 8th April …………….. Mallory…………EMRA
Sat 28th April …………….Oulton Park ……..Wirral 100
Sun 6th & Mon 7th May….. Mallory…………EMRA
Sat 19th & Sun 20th May …Darley Moor …….BHRC
Sat 23rd & Sun 24th June ….Anglesey ………. Wirral 100
Sat 7th & Sun 8th July …….Cadwell Park ……….Auto 66
Sun 29th July………………. Mallory…………EMRA
Sat 11th & Sun 12th August …Pembrey …………BHRC
Sun 26th August………….. Mallory…………EMRA
Sun 9th September ……….3 Sisters ……….PDMCC
Sun 23rd September……… Mallory…………EMRA

The committee understands that this may look like a lot of rounds however, we felt that this gives people a better choice of circuits to choose from & still allows people to drop a good number of rounds to try & keep some of your costs down as well as hopefully not preventing anyone that can’t make Saturdays due to work commitments etc from being able to compete for either the EMRA or overall Earlystocks championship.

New trophy & prize money

For those of you who are fairly new to the Earlystocks club please be aware that Greg Roberts formerly # 250 who rode a Honda CBX750 from Greg Roberts motorcycles has very kindly sponsored a new Earlystocks trophy for 2016 along with prize money of £100.
This trophy & prize money will be presented at the presentation evening to the Earlystocks competitor who encapsulates the spirit of the Earlystocks series. The prize is obviously open to riders in all classes & the winner will be selected by Greg himself.

For those of you who know Greg he is spending a huge amount of time in promoting the club, he has managed to come most of our meetings & has been very busy in the paddock helping people out as well as handing out the club details to prospective new members and also taking lots of photos of the Earlystockers.

Sunday 21st August Mallory Park

For this meeting we had a grid of 14 entrants which considering the problems people had mechanical wise only a few weeks earlier at Anglesey wasn’t too bad a grid.
Sadly missing from the line up was # 216 Alec Gilfillan owing to ill health to both himself & his machine. I am glad to say that Alec is now hopefully on the mend after having a torrid time & having to endure a stay in hospital at short notice.
Our first race of the day should have been race 2 on the programme & we were due to run with the GP 125’S, F125’s & 50cc Machines. Thankfully due to an influx of late entries we ended up having a grid to ourselves & we were moved to race 2A in the programme.
Unfortunately things went slightly wrong with the grids for the first race as one of our riders # 297 Andrew Howe (#97 in the race programme) had been inadvertently missed from the grid following timed practice. This was not noticed until everyone was in the holding area, so there had to be some very quick changes to people’s grid positions. I’m afraid to say it ended up being a little chaotic as it was a mad rush & also the grid positions weren’t marked out too well on the track, added to this some of the startline marshalls had riders going to the wrong grid spot. The long & short of it was that there were at least 3 amendments to the race results as the EMRA officials declared that some people had started from the incorrect grid position so were given 5 second penalties.
One non starter for the race was # 219 Ian Russell who unfortunately suffered from suspected gearbox issues.
For our first race the win went to one of our newer members this being # 210 Matt Goodfield riding his VFR750. This was Matt’s first overall win with Earlystocks and he also set the fastest lap of the race. Runner up was # 297 Andrew Howe back on board his FZ750, from new dad # 230 Ben Maxwell, then came # 266 James Fisher, # 246 Stu Poulton, # 225 John Brush, # 226 Rick Parker who is now starting to get used to the GSXR750 after sorting out a lot of the handling problems, then came # 200 Ivan Childs, # 264 Nic Powell, # 288 Dan Bullin, # 239 Paul Wilcox, # 218 Stuart Boatwright who I understand had a very eventful race heading off track at the hairpin, then came # 232 Greg Elson.

Race 2 produced yet another first time overall winner this time it being # 297 Andrew Howe with Andrew also setting the fastest lap of the race.
Runner up this time was # 266 James Fisher, from # 230 Ben Maxwell, # 210 Matt Goodfield, # 218 Stuart Boatwright, # 246 Stu Poulton, # 226 Rick Parker, # 288 Dan Bullin, # 200 Ivan childs, # 225 John Brush, # 239 Paul Wilcox, # 264 Nic Powell & # 232 Greg Elson.
There was some super close racing in both races throughout the field & a good display was put on for the spectators.
Well done to everyone & especially our new race winners.

Anglesey 30th & 31st July

I am afraid to say that owing to personal circumstances I wasn’t able to make either day at the Anglesey meeting, therefore I am unable to do much of a write up about this meeting.

This was only our 2nd event with the Wirral 100 club & I am pleased to say I think everyone enjoyed themselves at Anglesey even though there were quite a few people who had serious engine problems throughout the weekend, including # 216 Alec Gilfillan who unfortunately caused the stoppage of the first race on Sunday as parts of his engine made a bid for freedom.

Following this meeting I received a lovely message from Wirral 100 club who wished to pass on their thanks to all our entrants stating
“They were a delight to deal with, and we would have no problem if they wished to compete with us again, I understand that one or two asked if they could compete at our Anglesey Grand meeting on 8/9 October – this would not be a problem, we could even throw in a trophy or two if there were enough of them!”

If there are any of you wishing to enter the October meeting with them please let me know & I can try & collate the entries & perhaps have an Earlystocks Non Championship Race should we have enough entrants.

Sunday 17th July 2016, Mallory Park.

For this EMRA meeting we had a disappointing entry of just 10 riders. For some reason this meeting wasn’t very well supported in many of the other EMRA classes.
It was a nice early start for our race the first of which was race 2 in the programme and this time the weather was very kind to us.
For this meeting we were out with EMRA’s Formula 125 & GP125’s as well as a non championship entry of Leon Jeacock on a TZ350.
For the Earlystocks race # 216 Alec Gilfillan took the overall win only being headed by Leon Jeacock. Runner up was # 225 John Brush who after a very close battle just got the better of # 288 Dan Bullin, from # 210 Matt Goodfield, #218 Stuart Boatwright, # 266 James Fisher who’s CBX 1000 wasn’t running quite as it should, # 239 Paul Wilcox, # 246 Stu Poulton and # 226 Rick Parker.
Our second race was race 11 in the programme with # 216 Alec Gilfillan again taking the Earlystocks win & also setting the fastest laps in the Earlystocks classes in both races.
Runner up was # 225 John Brush, followed by # 288 Dan Bullin, # 210 Matt Goodfield, # 266 James Fisher, # 246 Stu Poulton, # 218 Stuart Boatwright, # 239 Paul Wilcox, # 200 Ivan Childs, & # 226 Rick Parker.
In true Earlystocks manner I am pleased to say that as the weather was excellent we had a good gathering at the clubhouse at the end of the meeting.

Sunday 19th June 2016, Three Sisters.

This was our one & only meeting this year with the Preston & District Club. For 2016 due to their reduced entry numbers the previous season Preston Club elected to reduce the number of rounds & in doing so didn’t elect to have a 2 day meeting this year due to their regular riders preferring 1 day meetings. This was rather unfortunate for some of our members as due to the distance involved to get to this meeting it simply wasn’t practical to make it for a 1 day meeting, & thus resulted in us having a lower attendance at this meeting.
The first & as it turned out our only race of the day at this event was race 6 in the programme.
It was nice to see a new member running with us for the first time who was # 215 Peter Carney on an LC350 & also a returning member # 290 Nigel Griffiths who we haven’t seen on track for a few years.
The race was won by circuit specialist # 246 Stu Poulton on his YPVS, followed by # 217 Gary Porter (GSXR750), from # 225 John Brush ( GPZ750), # 264 Nic Powell (Moto Guzzi). # 555 James Brennan (FZ600), # 215 Peter Carney (LC350), # 210 Matt Goodfield (VFR750) and # 290 Nigel Griffiths (GSX1100).
The circuit was dry for our first race but sadly just as we had been called for our 2nd race of the day the heavens opened & after a lengthy delay in the holding area the officials had to make the unfortunate but correct decision to abandon the meeting due to a flooded race track.

Darley Moor 21st & 22nd May.

This meeting was held by the British Historic Racing Club with whom it is only our 2nd season of racing with. Last year we were able to run with the club as non members & no extra charges as we were an invited Club. Unfortunately this year unbeknown to the Earlystocks riders before signing on the British Historic Racing Club chose to enforce upon the riders a £37 membership fee or a 20% vat charge on the total entry fee.
This matter was never mentioned to me by the BHRC & I was only made aware of this issue a few days before the meeting when one of our members & riders raised the matter with me & the BHRC.
For those of you who were at the meeting you will have been aware that I had a very lengthy discussion with the clubs organisers & also raised the issue of the BHRC not providing us with any trophies or funding towards trophies, unfortunately it all appears to have been to no avail. The membership/20% vat issue we were told was down to some VAT issue & according to BHRC apparently all clubs have to do the same.
I am still waiting to hear about any funding etc towards the trophies etc for our last meeting with them at Cadwell but at the time of writing non has been forthcoming.
I have to send out my thanks to Allen Bowers who very kindly provided us with the trophies for the Darley meeting & who very hastily sorted out the trophies literally just a few hours before he flew out on holiday.

For Darley we had a good entry & it was very pleasing to see a good number of our new members out with us for the first time.
For this meeting we were out with the pre 1963 & 1963-1972, 351cc-500cc machines. We were Races 2 & 12 on the Saturday & Races 22 & 32 on the Sunday.
As it was a mixed grid the Earlystockers were sent off on a delayed start.

Race 1
This race started at 11.41hrs & it was soon headed in the Earlystocks race by # 216 Alec Gilfillan who was using the strength of his GSX1100 engine on the straight’s. # 266 James Fisher was also using his CBX1000 to good effect but sadly ran out of ground clearance & had a slight off on Paddock corner on the 3rd lap. Also at Paddock corner on lap 5 # 216 Alec had to pull off the circuit with a broken gear linkage. This opened the way for a new member of Earlystocks # 211 (#111 in the programme) Ervin Wallace on his FZ600 to take the Earlystocks race win from # 213 Gary Porter GSXR750, # 297 Andrew Howe on his newly acquired GSXR750, # 225 John Brush, # 236 (# 136 in the programme) Adrian Armson YPVS350, # 246 (# 46 in the programme) Stu Poulton YPVS350, # 264 Nic Powell Moto Guzzi 750 and # 226 Rick Parker GSXR750. Sadly # 219 Ian Russell only made the warm up lap & had to retire due to gearbox issues & # 241 Bob Chambers GPZ750 wasn’t able to make the race start with bike issues.

As you can imagine there were a few despondent faces in the paddock after race 1 with # 216 Alec thinking his weekend was over. For everyone’s information we have now found out that the splines on a Suzuki gearshaft are different than that of Yamaha, Honda & Kawasaki etc. Alec I’m afraid to say found out the hard way & on using another gear linkage hammered it onto the gearshaft splines to make it fit but unfortunately as was later found out hammering it on had displaced the internal gear selector linkage making it impossible to select any gears.
No one in the paddock had a spare suitable gear linkage for Alec however after a phone call for help to # 288 Dan Bullin who was at the time of the phone call still at work there was some hope for Alec.

Race 2.

Race 2 had a bit of a depleted Earlystocks field due to the various problems. However this time the overall Earlystocks race win went to # 266 James Fisher who was flying on the CBX1000 even after his incident in race 1. James was also awarded with the fastest lap of the race. 2nd across the line was # 211 Ervin Wallace, from # 246 Stu Poulton, # 225 John Brush, # 236 Adrian Armson, # 297 Andrew Howe, # 264 Nic Powell and # 226 Rick Parker.

241 Bob Chambers unfortunately broke down at the hairpin on lap 4. Bob then had a birds eye view unfortunately of an accident at the hairpin involving 4 or 5 riders from the BHRC Classes which caused the red flag to come out on lap 5 as a result of which the race was called a result after 4 laps.

Our Earlystocks hospitality caterer # 226 Rick Parker had organised a BBQ for everyone for the Saturday evening but unfortunately the weather didn’t play fairly & we had heavy rain in the evening resulting in the area where most of us were parked flooding as well as damaging Ricks awning beyond repair. However in true Earlystocks style the BBQ was still held & it was a really good turn out by the Earlystocks family & good evening was had by all.

Sunday 22nd May, Race 1 (22)

Thanks to a lot of help by so many people in the paddock the Earlystocks grid was replenished once again for Sunday’s races. This time it was also boosted by # 210 Matt Goodfield & also # 288 Dan Bullin who had entered the Sunday only & who had also brought with him to the circuit some spares for Alec to enable him to get back out on track. There was an incredible effort by # 219 Ian Russell as he had returned home on Saturday evening & rebuilt his gearbox overnight. Also having to return home for the Saturday night was #241 Bob Chambers but he returned to the track on the Sunday with his bike now running as it should.
Our first race of the day on Sunday was at 12.02hrs & resulted in the overall winner being # 216 Alec Gilfillan, from # 241 Bob Chambers, # 211 Ervin Wallace, # 210 Matt Goodfield VFR750, # 297 Andrew Howe, #246 Stu Poulton, # 225 John Brush, # 288 Dan Bullin, # 236 Adrian Armson & # 264 Nic Powell. # 266 James Fisher didn’t manage to start the race due to machine issues & # 219 Ian Russell after all his efforts had no luck & broke down after 2 laps with a broken throttle cable.

Race 2 (32)

This race started at 1522hrs, and was once again headed by # 216 Alec Gilfillan who also set the fastest lap of the race, from # 241 Bob Chambers, # 211 Ervin Wallace, # 210 Matt Goodfield, # 297 Andrew Howe, # 225 John Brush, # 236 Adrian Armson, # 246 Stu Poulton, # 288 Dan Bullin, and # 219 Ian Russell KZ750. Non finishers were sadly # 264 Nic Powell after 5 laps & # 266 James Fisher who unfortunately had another off at Paddock corner leaving him with a nasty burn on his neck courtesy of an exhaust.