Welcome to the Earlystocks motorcycle racing club UK
(Classic, Post Classic and Modern Classic Racing Motorcycles)

This is a club for those whom remember when bikes were bikes and not all covered in plastic.
Men’s bikes.

Catering basically for road based production machines manufactured pre-1987. Air cooled engines with carburettors, twin rear shocks. Old school technology where spanners count for more than computers.
Mono-shock machines also now catered for.
We allow some modifications to make it easier to get better tyres than the old canvas things they used back then.
Tuning the suspension and engines to give more power and better handling than they had back in the day.

Being one of the cheapest forms of racing it is becoming more popular, especially when compared to the cost of racing a supersports or superbike, where the price of a weekends tyres for a superbike would cover about a 3rd of a seasons racing on an Earlystocker.
The racing on track is fantastic, But back in the paddock it is more social and everybody will happy to help you if you have a problem.

There is a simple test that can be done at home to see if you can race an Earlystocks bike.
Place a hand in your boxers and have a feel around. If you feel some balls, Congratulations, you are eligible to join in the fun, (ladies can skip this test and are welcome to have ago anyway).
If you’ve ever said to yourself “I’d love to have ago at racing” come on and give it a go or come along to some of the tracks and talk to us.
You will be glad you did!

“Once tried, never forgotten”